This Proclamation of Peace, written by Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, announces the triumph of the American Revolution to the nation and the world.
The United States in Congress Assembled Proclaims Peace, Victory and Freedom

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This 20” x 24” Museum Quality Edition fine art print of the original Proclamation of Peace, is the closest a reproduction can come to the final document that ended the Revolutionary War with Britain.

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Click here to read the fascinating Story behind this document in which the George III acknowledges the United States "to be free, sovereign and independent."

Giclée ("zhee-clay"), a French word meaning "that which is sprayed " is a highly advanced method of computer-controlled, fine-art reproduction using archival dye-based inks. A sophisticated printer designed specifically for this process creates a near-continuous-tone image on fine-art media such as watercolor paper or canvas with greater permanence and clarity than previous processes used to print lithographic art reproductions. The process yields prints of stunning vibrancy, depth and realism.

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Peace Proclamation Announcing the Ratification of the Treaty Of Paris, 1783.